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We appreciate you and your horse. Carefully chosen equestrian supplies by HorseHaus consider the fact, that you want to give your very best to your horse. Time spent at the barn is quality time. Every minute spent with our horseshorse likes his face brushedcounts, is valuable and appreciated. Your horse is the VIP you show up for – time and again.

Making the best of this very special time and interaction with your horse often depends directly on your satisfaction with the equestrian supplies you use on a daily basis. Are you happy with your grooming tools, saddle pads, splint boots, and care products? Is your horse happy and loves to be spend time with you?

What makes our equestrian supplies different?

Using innovative, quality equestrian supplies is one part of the happiness equation – getting the know-how on how to use and take care of your grooming tools and other valuable items is the other part. We provide you both with a product you’ll love and the knowledge you’ll need to get the most joy out of using our equestrian products.complete horse grooming set

  • All of our products come from carefully selected sources – no cheap import products from Asian markets!
  • All of our products are either Made in Europe or in Canada or the USA.
  • Many of our products contain FSC-certified wood.
  • We work with manufacturers, who use eco-friendly materials in responsible production processes.
  • We test all products we sell at!

How we serve our customers:

  • We provide you with the knowledge you need to get the best out of our products. Please take a little time to check out our “How To” section!
  • We take your feedback seriously! Please use our contact form and let us know how you liked your products, what other products you may be looking for and any other questions that come to mind!
  • We offer free shipping (USA, above qualifying purchase amount), discount coupons (see our facebook page or sign up for the newsletter) and sell many products in sets (see grooming sets) to make your purchase easy!
  • All transactions on this website are covered by a secure environment and we do not save credit card information!

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