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Original Meroth™ Leather Pelham

Original Meroth™ Leather Pelham

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The original Meroth™ leather pelham enables the rider to softly influence the horse with two reins, using the soft contact of the snaffle rein for general rein aids and bends and the gentle influence of the curb rein on the leather pelham to gently ask the horse to flex in the poll.
This bit is suitable for all riding disciplines.

Accept no imitations! The original Meroth™ bit is made from 100% non-toxic leather, treated in a plant-based tanning process. This leather adheres to European baby toy specifications and does not contain any chemicals that may harm your horse. Hardware made of stainless steel.
Hand-crafted in Germany
Please note: Every bit is made to order and delivery time may be up to 2 weeks.

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