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KavalLastic Safety Halter

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When it comes to horses - safety is first! Finally a halter your horse can wear safely, even if temporarily unattended during turnout or transport. 
  • The KavalLastic Safety Halter by Kavalkade features a crown piece and nose piece made of sturdy, stretchable material.
  • Wearing the KavalLastic Safety Halter, the horse can free himself - should it get caught on the pasture, in the barn or during transport. 
  • Prevents panic and subsequent injuries!
  • This flexible halter prevents hard impact on poll or nose in case your horse pulls back while being tied.
  • The KavalLastic Halter features sturdy stainless steel hardware and crown and nose pieces with removable neoprene cushions.
  • Crown and nose piece made of durable elastic material.
  • Removable neoprene cushions on crown and nose piece.
  • Halter - including stainless steel hardware - entirely Made in Germany.

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