Meroth Leather Bits

Meroth® – Feel is Everything™

The Meroth leather bit is uniquely suited to address the needs of the sensitive horse. No metal, no plastic core, only non-toxic leather, hand-stitched to perfection to adhere to the unique shape of your horse’s mouth. It is the gentle bit solution for sensitive horses.

A subtle flick of the ear, a twitch of the skin, a change in the horse’s breath – the skilled rider notices the smallest signs of change in their sensitive, silent equine partner. The same goes for resistance, tightness, and stiffness. Just a bit off, just a bit resistant, just a bit stiff…

Often, horses are sensitive to rigid bits or even to bridles, especially horses that tend to hold tension in their poll and temporomandibular joint (TMJ). These horses resist the bit and rein, often in subtle and hardly noticeable ways, expressed in tension that can affect the entire body. This resistance leads to stiffer, and less fluid movement and – last not least – to less willingness and joyful expression in the horse.

Experience how the Meroth leather bit is a game-changer.
And – ride without bridle, if desired!

You’ve tried it all… If you have suspected that your horse is sensitive to rigid bits, you have likely tried various bits, perhaps with mixed results. You may have tried ergonomic bridles, rubber bits, specialty bits, bitless bridles – all to no avail. Your horse still shakes his head, grinds her teeth, moves stiffly, gets behind the bit, is high-headed, or shows other signs of tension and resistance. It may be time to try something different. The original, non-toxic, patented Meroth® leather bit.

Meroth® Classic – Freedom Snaffle™

meroth leather bit freedom
Meroth Leather Freedom Snaffle

The classic original Meroth® leather snaffle with under-chin strap and breakaway mechanism shapes itself to your horse’s mouth and can be used without bridle after a few rides, giving the horse a new feeling of freedom and comfort.

It is the only patented leather bridle without metal or plastic core, made entirely from guaranteed non-toxic natural leather, tanned with a lengthy artisan process, using entirely plant-based substances.

Meroth® Standard Leather Snaffle

Meroth® Leather Snaffle 'Standard'This standard leather snaffle is made from the same non-toxic natural leather and features soft-fit stitching that allows it to shape to the horse’s mouth without chafing.

With proper care, this bit – just like all Meroth® leather bits –  this Meroth® leather bit gets better with time.

Experience the difference.

How To Care for Your Original Meroth® Leather Bit

Since your Meroth® leather bit should stay nice and supple so that the patented design can do its magic and stay conform to your horse’s individual mouth shape, you will want to follow some simple but effective care instructions:

First Time Use

  • Before using the Meroth® bit for the first time, soak it in Sunflower Oil for about 1-2 hours. this can be accomplished in a freezer bag and you can reuse your first oil for your second soaking – so keep the freezer bag with the Sunflower Oil in a cool place. (All following treatments will require new, clean oil.)
  • Then place the bit on a paper towel to drip dry for about 10 minutes. Use a clean paper towel to pat off any excess oil.
  • The Sunflower oil soaks into the top layer of the bit, creating a protective layer that keeps the leather intact.
  • Your bit is now ready for first-time use.

DO NOT – Use the bit without this initial conditioning! Your leather bits needs the protective outer layer to stay intact.

Maintenance – Cleaning & Conditioning

  • After every use, pat the bit clean with a damp cloth or rinse very briefly, then pat dry with a dry cloth.
  • Once per month, clean the bit thoroughly with water and a tooth brush.
  • Let the bit dry thoroughly, then repeat the oil soak as described above.
  • Store your bit away from heating sources in a dry and airy environment.

TIP: Always use Sunflower oil, since this oil is taste neutral and conditions the leather.

DO NOT – Store your bit next to a heating source or in moldy, damp conditions or in plastic bags.

bit for sensitive mare

“I have a mare who is hot and sensitive and affronted by pressure in her mouth and so I have ended up buying bit after bit to try and find that magical one…Finally, I came across the Meroth leather bit and this has been a game-changer for my horse. “

– Alex P.

mare wearing Meroth leather bit

“My mare has never been happier. So glad we found this bit! … We ride without bridle now and love it!”

– Julie F.

dressage meroth leather bit

“Before finding the Meroth Freedom Snaffle, we tried a number of different bits that my sensitive horse did not respond to. The Meroth leather bit is a life saver. My horse loves it and finally responds well!”

– Toni R.

meroth leather snaffle

“Finally, this bit stopped head shaking! My horse’s eye says it all. Soft and happy! Thanks to the Meroth snaffle, we are happy again…”

– Connie W.

riding without bridle

“My gelding is much happier without bridle. I am happy to know that the Meroth leather snaffle does not contain any harmful chemicals. It was a ‘no brainer’…”

– Sara F.

Meroth leather bit

“For a long time, my horse had been unhappy with his bits and the search for the right bit continued… Until I found the Meroth bit. No head shaking, no teeth grinding, a happy and relaxed horse. Thank you!”

– Connie H.

“Happy horse, happy rider! Wish I had found the Meroth bit sooner…”

– Fran R.

The Meroth bit has been used in international show jumping competitions.