Learn About the Meroth® Leather Bit

You are looking for a gentle, natural bit solution that works for a number of different horses and riding applications? The Meroth® leather bit was first patented in Germany and has been a game-changer for many bit-sensitive horses, first introducing the concept that a leather mouthpiece can be much gentler on the horse’s mouth.

Orignal Meroth® 'Freedom' Leather Snaffle WS

The innovative design, superior and non-toxic materials combined with expert craftsmanship make all the difference. These leather bits are a great solution that many riders no longer want to be without.

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Will My Horse Benefit from the Leather Bit?

Does your horse has a history of head tossing, teeth grinding, going against the bit or is bridle-sensitive? You may find that your horse readily accepts and finally relaxes with the Original Meroth® leather Freedom snaffle.

Do you want to ride without bridle? The Original Meroth® leather Freedom snaffle lets you do that.
(Follow instructions on the package.)

The standard leather snaffle is also a good option for bit-sensitive horses that are not bridle-sensitive.

Where Are These Leather Bits Made?

All Meroth® leather bits are handcrafted in Germany.

What Makes the Meroth Leather Horse Bit Different from Other Snaffles?

The Original Meroth® bit has a unique design that allows the bit to conform to your horse’s individual mouth shape after only a few rides. There is no solid plastic or metal core, this bit is entirely made of leather.

Why Chose the Original Meroth® Leather Bit when there are Cheaper Versions Available?

A copy-cat product always means that a product is so popular that it pays to create a ‘fake’ – for less money! The difference is actually quite striking and important: Meroth® bits are made from vegetable-tanned, non-toxic natural leather that conforms to European baby toy specifications. No chemicals, no aluminum, no urine – a non-toxic, taste-neutral leather for your horse’s mouth!

riding horse with meroth leather bit

The unique design allows the bit to conform to the horse’s mouth without chafing or rubbing. A secure breakaway mechanism and stainless steel hardware provides extra safety and durability.

With a Meroth® bit, you have a high-quality, dependable bit that will last for years without causing harm to your horse.

Will My Horse Chew Through the Bit?

If the bit fits and you adjust it correctly, most horses happily accept the bit. The horse can only chew through the bit if the bit is pulled too far back and reaches the back teeth (for instance, if the rider pulls on the reins while riding). In rare cases, horses do chew on the bit, but even rarer through the bit. We cannot be responsible for any damage due to chewing because of the many variables and possible user errors. Again, most horses accept the bit and do not chew on it.

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View a video of a customer riding in the Meroth leather snaffle.