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Horse Grooming Videos

horse face brush onyx

How to groom your horse and love it!

When it comes to grooming  your horse, there are 3 factors that make all the difference:

  1. the right grooming tools
  2. elbow grease
  3. the right techniques

These horse grooming videos show you how to groom your horse in 4 basic steps in our 4-Step-Grooming Process.

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grooming a horse's tail

4-Step Grooming – 1 Currying

The first step when grooming your horse is to curry with a flexible massage curry to bring up dirt and dander.

4-Step Grooming – 2 Flicking

After currying, you want to use a flick or dandy brush to lift the dirt off your horse’s skin and bring it to the surface.

4-Step Grooming – 3 Finishing

After currying and flicking, use a finishing brush to remove dirt and dust and start bringing out the shine by distributing oils on the coat.

4-Step Grooming – 4 Shine

After the basic 3 steps of curry-flick-finish, you are ready to brush off the dust and put on the finishing touch for a shiny horse coat.

Grooming the Tail – long video

This video shows explanations and the traditional as well as the ‘fast track’ method for grooming the tail.



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