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Because you and your horse deserve the best…

Since 2009 HorseHaus has been supplying fine equestrian supplies and high-quality products for horse, dog, rider, and barn. We retail and wholesale our house brand HorseHaus™ (Made in Germany), in addition to carefully curated top of the line brands, and provide additional education and how tos’ around grooming and horse care.

Fine Equestrian Supplies for all horse owners, grooms, and horse friends, who are looking to use the best possible tools, get the job done – and love the results. After all, time spent at the barn – doing what you love – is quality time!

Want to enjoy a curated selection of quality equestrian products without having to browse an abundance of cheap imports? We get it! You have come to the right place.

We started with grooming tools and expanded into more of the best Equestrian Supplies for You and Your Horse to bring you the tools that set you up for success. Traditional craftsmanship – paired with savvy innovation by experts in the horse world. And guaranteed no cheap Asian imports.

Lori M.
Lori M.
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I LOVE this brush! And I’m thrilled with how quickly Horsehaus got it to me. Thanks guys.

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2 weeks ago

Love it! These boots are the best I have owned so far. Comfortable on my wide feet all day and good ankle support.

1 month ago
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4 months ago

Why HorseHaus™?

Most of our HorseHaus™ brand products are made by artisan craftsmen in Germany and the USA. We combine traditional craftsmanship with innovative upgrades to proven products.  If you value the feel only carefully crafted products can produce, you will love our brand. And – with many products carrying FSC certification and being responsibly manufactured – you can feel good about the impact on our planet.

Durability, functionality, beauty, and that little ‘extra’ go a long way. We want you to enjoy our products for a very long time. A true ‘happiness investment’, so to speak.

All brands on our website are tested and meet strictest quality standards. We carry proven brands that can back up their quality claims and prove their manufacturing process. No, cheap Asian imports will not do!

We are completely transparent and you will always know where a product was manufactured and what the product is made of. Wherever possible, we offer products made in Europe or the US, with some exceptions due to cost considerations. (About 3% of our products are made quality manufacturers in India from European materials, to maintain affordability.)

Our Mission Statement

“To support those, who put their horses first and contribute to their joy, happiness, and satisfaction in their equestrian activities.”

grooming a horse face and head with a soft face brush
This horse loves his face groomed with the extra soft face brush.

Those horse owners, grooms, and horse friends, who go out of their way to do right by the horse, make the horse’s well being a priority and do not compromise on quality. Horses are the most generous of creatures – they are our partners in equestrian sports, our friends, and our joy. As equestrians and horse owners, we understand your priorities: Your horse comes first.

Horses are our passion and they are yours. If you want to get best results – whether in horse care, grooming, training, riding for pleasure or competing – you need to use the best tools available.

We are motivated by helping you make your life with horses the best it can be!


Not Your Average Equestrian Product

the best equestrian supplies for you and your horse
Grooming kit “Gold Deluxe” is a luxurious and attractive horse grooming set.



Our products are a carefully curated selection of equestrian supplies that meet your high standards:

  • are functional, innovative, and crafted by experts
  • 97% of our products are responsibly manufactured in Europe or North America
  • have withstood our rigorous practical tests
  • are backed by a satisfaction guarantee
  • are made from environmentally friendly products and ingredients, whenever possible

Experience the difference. 

The HorseHaus™ Brand

HorseHaus™ brand equestrian supplies represent products that match or surpass quality standards of much higher priced brands, while still manufactured in Europe or North America.

We rely on traditional designs and craftsmanship paired with innovative upgrades to bring you what you need: a product that addresses your need for quality, craftsmanship, durability and pleasing design.

If you would like to see HorseHaus™ brand equestrian supplies in a brick-and-mortar tack shop near you, please forward the link to our Wholesale Site.

Are you the owner or manager of a brick-and-mortar tack shop or active mobile unit, specializing in best customer service and fine quality goods? Please visit our Wholesale Site and apply for a retailer account. Alternatively, contact us and let’s talk! We’d love to explore how the HorseHaus™ brand can contribute to your success and would love to have you onboard as a HorseHaus™ retail partner.

Our Story

Stefanie Reinhold of Reinhold’s Horse Wellness was already selling high-quality horse care supplies for almost 10 years when she founded HorseHaus LLC and created the HorseHaus brand in 2016. Her goal: Create a brand that provides high-quality equestrian supplies that meet highest standards, when it comes to

  • functionality
  • durability
  • performance
  • pleasing design

As a horse owner, equestrian and equine professional, Stefanie longed for a better selection of products to enrich her experience with horses and offer a platform to make these products available in a curated format – uncluttered by cheap, mass-produced products.

Nearly all* of the products sold at HorseHaus.com are either made in the USA, Canada, or Europe and 100% are thoroughly tested before they are offered for sale.

*) About 3% of our products are manufactured in India from strictly controlled materials due to cost considerations.