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2 Methods to Clean Horse Brushes

Now that you purchased your Fine Equestrian Grooming Brushes by HorseHaus, you will want to clean them regularly. Knowing how to clean horse brushes with our two easy methods will help keep your brushes nice. We recommend to clean your goat hair and horse hair grooming brushes with the ‘Quick Method’ weekly and with the […]

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How To Clip a Horse Ear

The Horse-friendly Way Neat-looking ears are a must for any horse owner, who takes pride in their horse’s appearance. Ear clipping is part of grooming your horse if you want a neat and turned-out look. When showing, a neatly trimmed ear contributes to the overall impression. Clipped Ears – The Rider’s Perspective As proud horse […]

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5 Reasons to Use the Best Horse Brushes

onyx horse haus finishing brush black

Already using HorseHaus™ Grooming Brushes? See how our “old-school” 4-Step-Grooming™ Process combines the right grooming tools with a little elbow grease and technique to get your horse looking its best… Groom Better with the Best Horse Brushes 5 Reasons to Upgrade Grooming is part of Horse Wellness. Old-school grooms knew that and traditional, high-quality horse […]