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german cavalry training manual hdv12

HDV12 German Cavalry Manual for Training Horse & Rider

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“Lasting success can only be achieved, if the heart and soul of all instructors and pupils is filled with the joy of riding and the love of the horse...”
(H. Dv. 12, 1937)

The Riding Regulation H. Dv. 12 in its last edition of 1937 is the original source of the Training Scale and the foundation of German classical horsemanship. This is the first and only, long-awaited English translation.

Authored by the German cavalry experts and issued by the German army commander-in-chief, these guidelines governed all training of remounts and recruits with the goal of creating a sound, able, willing, and obedient military mount and equally capable rider. As the original source of the renowned Training Scale, the H. Dv. 12 also served as the basis for today’s FN Principles of Riding, the German National Equestrian Federation’s official instruction manual.

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