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How To Clip a Horse Ear

The Horse-friendly Way Neat-looking ears are a must for any horse owner, who takes pride in their horse’s appearance. Ear clipping is part of grooming your horse if you want a neat and turned-out look. When showing, a neatly trimmed ear contributes to the overall impression. Clipped Ears – The Rider’s Perspective As proud horse […]

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5 Reasons to Use the Best Horse Brushes

onyx horse haus finishing brush black

Already using HorseHaus™ Grooming Brushes? See how our “old-school” 4-Step-Grooming™ Process combines the right grooming tools with a little elbow grease and technique to get your horse looking its best… Groom Better with the Best Horse Brushes 5 Reasons to Upgrade Grooming is part of Horse Wellness. Old-school grooms knew that and traditional, high-quality horse […]