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Bits for Sensitive Horses

horse mouth with bit

Choosing a Bit Sensitive horses react to bits in various ways: Head shaking, teeth grinding, evading the bit, or even rearing.  There are many bit options to chose from, but what is the right bit for your horse? In this article, we look at the difference between rubber bits, plastic bits, and leather bits – […]

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Get Excited About Haas Horse Brushes!

Horse Grooming Set for white horses

For over 100 years, Haas has been manufacturing excellent horse brushes at their factory in the Black Forest in Germany. In this picturesque setting, Haas focuses on high-quality grooming brushes. Their excellent craftsmanship combined with innovative designs and best materials is known all over the world. Professional horse grooms trust Haas when it comes to […]

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How To Clip a Horse Ear

The Horse-friendly Way Neat-looking ears are a must for any horse owner, who takes pride in their horse’s appearance. Ear clipping is part of grooming your horse if you want a neat and turned-out look. When showing, a neatly trimmed ear contributes to the overall impression. Clipped Ears – The Rider’s Perspective As proud horse […]