A Different Approach

After experiencing the difference between quality equestrian products and cheaply produced “throw-away” products, we decided to focus our products on what you really want: Quality & performance.

Paired with a high-quality product offering, we provide ‘how-to’s’ and detailed product descriptions. So you can do what you really want:

Enjoy your horse.




You want the convenience of finding a variety of high-quality products you need to keep your horse in top shape – at your fingertips. Find HorseHaus™ brand products online right here at HorseHaus.com or with one of our retailers.

Our retailers of HorseHaus™ brand products do what they do best: Serve customers in their brick-and mortar stores.

You are part of the family.




Quality Over Quantity

A good feel, attractive look, solid performance, best materials, tested products.

And never, ever cheaply produced in low-cost labor markets.

Our products are made in USA, Canada, Germany and other European countries.

We know who makes our products and how. No shortcuts, no compromise.

Quality. Period.