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5 Reasons to Use the Best Horse Brushes

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Already using HorseHaus™ Grooming Brushes? See how our “old-school” 4-Step-Grooming™ Process combines the right grooming tools with a little elbow grease and technique to get your horse looking its best…

Groom Better with the Best Horse Brushes

5 Reasons to Upgrade

Grooming is part of Horse Wellness. Old-school grooms knew that and traditional, high-quality horse grooming tools are enough to get fantastic results. But what are some of the best reasons to switch away from cheap, mass-produced synthetic horse brushes – like the ever-present scratchy plastic dandy brush – toward brushes made from natural materials?

Make sure you are not unintentionally hurting your horse by using old, cheap or scratchy horse brushes. Ready To Switch? Shop Now…


I just wanted to say thank you for the awesome brushes! I’ve never seen Spot so clean and shiny before. I’ve attached a picture of Spot after a good grooming using the curry, flick brush, body brush, and goat hair brush. She was shiny and soft without having to use any products.

– Peony W.

After getting wonderful results with the 4-Step-Grooming™ Process for our horses and mule, we now also tried the Westminster dog brush for our Golden Doodle. Can’t say enough good things about it! Look at him! He also seems to love it. Thank you!

– Jo W.


5 Reasons to Use Better Horse Brushes

And ditch your old ones in a second!

Prevent Skin Injuries

    • Synthetic bristles develop sharp micro-edges that cut into your horse’s skin and hair like miniature blades.

      scratchy old horse brushes

      The scary result: Your horse becomes prone to skin infections and the coat will not be shiny as the hair becomes damaged.

    • Furthermore – your horse may  not like to be groomed with scratchy brushes. Not a way to improve the relationship with your horse!

Improve Wellness

    • A good horse brush provides an invigorating massage or a soothing touch. It never, never bothers the horse. Increase blood flow to the skin and hair follicles for a happy, shiny horse. Using a massage curry or a medium stiff brush, groom with varying pressure in the direction of hair growth.
      Watch your horse for ‘feedback’ and use the pressure that the horse can tolerate. Flinching, pinning the ears back or other expressions of discomfort are a sign to ease up on the pressure! The reward of this effort: This massage invigorates your horse’s skin and superficial muscles and creates increased blood flow. This, in turn, makes the horse feel good and improves overall wellness.
    • Removing dandruff, dirt particles, micro organisms and other “Schmutz” can prevent itching and skin disorders. Actually, regular grooming prevents dandruff – one of the most common and unsightly skin conditions in horses (see article referenced below).

Get good results – a shiny horse!

    • Shine sprays will not do, once you have built up gunk on your horse’s hair and skin. Plastic brushes will do just that. Plastic grooming brushes and curry combs trap dirt, debris and oils and then reapply the dirty mix back onto your horse’s coat. The results are ‘lackluster’ and you will need to keep bathing your horse to get the dirt off.
    • Natural, high-quality grooming brushes remove the dirt and distribute the oils on the horse’s coat for an excellent shine. Every single hair on your horse’s body has a little sebaceous gland at the root that produces oils. These oils protect the skin and make the hair coat shine – provided that you groom your horse with natural brushes on a regular basis.

Enjoy durability and save!

    • No need to keep buying horse brushes and throwing these out again after the bristles become bent out of shape. Keep your high-quality horse grooming brushes for a long time and enjoy savings through a great return on your investment. Not only will you end up spending less, but also feel pleased and satisfied every time you look at your grooming set!

Just enjoy! Your horse will love them, too!

    • You put in the effort, so let the results shine. Enjoy! Experience a satisfying grooming process. See how your horse enjoys your grooming time together and relaxes under the brush. Your horse does not like to be groomed? Once your horse gets a taste of what “wellness grooming” with the best horse brushes can feel like, you will be surprised to see how much your horse will like grooming.

Wondering How To Groom Your Horse for better results?

Check out our 4-Step Grooming™ process here.


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