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Horse Grooming Set for white horses

For over 100 years, Haas has been manufacturing excellent horse brushes at their factory in the Black Forest in Germany.

Haas German Horse Brushes

In this picturesque setting, Haas focuses on high-quality grooming brushes. Their excellent craftsmanship combined with innovative designs and best materials is known all over the world.

Professional horse grooms trust Haas when it comes to choosing the best brushes for their horses. Most Haas brushes have a synthetic back, which makes them easy to care for.

The exception is the Haas body brush “Country” with a wooden back and boar bristles.

How to Choose the Best Haas Horse Brushes for Your Needs

Riders and horses come in different shapes and sizes and have different needs. For instance, if you hands are smaller, you may not feel comfortable holding a larger brush. Or, if your horse is sensitive, you will want a softer brush – meaning now you need a medium-sized softer brush…

Our helpful chart will help you find the right brushes and help answer the question “Which horse brushes do I need?

 Small handsMedium handsLarge handsSensitive horseWhite/gray horseChestnut/ bay horseBlack horse
Turnier xx    
Lippizanerxx xx  
Parcourxx   xx
Countryxx   xx
Diva xxxxxx
Diva Minix  xxxx
Diva Exklusiv xxxxxx
Schimmelxx  x  
Fellglanzxx  xxx
Horse Brush Selection Overview

This chart simply provides a general direction. Of course, you can use any brush that feels comfortable to you and your horse.

Do Different Types of Horses Really Need Different Brushes?

different horse tails
Horses come in different shapes and sizes…

We also do not believe that there is truly a “Grooming Set for White Horses” or a “Grooming Set for Chestnut Horses” or a “Grooming Set for Black Horses”, etc. However, you may enjoy the aesthetic of a matching set and there may be some merit in considering some aspects of your horse’s hair quality. In general, all brushes should brush all horses equally well.

The exception, of course, is the type of coat your horse grows depending on his living environment. For example, horses that live outdoors on a pasture year-round in environments with seasonal changes will have a thicker coat – depending on the season.

Consequently, these horses will also be exposed to a larger amount of dust and environmental particles like small rocks, dried grass, leaves, etc. For horses, who spend most of their time outside or horses with a winter coat, you may consider a grooming set with coarser brushes, such as our “Grooming Set Country”, which includes Haas horse brushes and high-quality, German-made horse brushes by HorseHaus.

shiny horse german brushes
Great brushes should work well on all horses!

Horses with clipped coats or short summer coats benefits from a body brush with slightly shorter bristles, such as the Haas Amazone or the Haas Turnier.

White and gray horses are sometimes more sensitive and their coats are prone to staining. For these horses, we recommend the Haas grooming brush set “Regalo”, which includes the luxurious finishing brush “Lippizaner” with a raised edge.

The Right Horse Brushes for Your Horse – Conclusion

The question “which horse brushes are right for me and my horse” is especially daunting if you are a new horse owner, if you are aiming to give the brushes as a gift, or if you are looking to upgrade your grooming kit.

If you still have questions about which Haas Horse Brushes are right for you and your horse, please contact us and we will be happy to give you advice and feature the answers on our blog!

Until then, enjoy your horse!

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